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Are you convinced that you cannot sew  a straight line?

Would like to put that present (the sewing machine that’s been in the closet for a long time) to good use?

To say that you cannot sew is to say that you cannot learn something new; you know that’s just not true.  It isn’t that you CAN’T; it’s just that you haven’t been SHOWN the proper techniques.  I believe that time spent with me will create an ongoing thirst for learning more because I make it fun! You don’t even need a machine to start out with.  It is important to me that you don’t invest a lot of money in an endeavor for which you aren’t sure you will maintain an interest.  My studio has many different machines and supplies for you to begin this adventure.  Of course, if you have your own machine, then by all means bring it so you become more comfortable with it.  Convince a friend to join and introduce a healthy competition into the mix.

Give me a call so we may discuss on which areas of sewing you want to focus.  Is it fashion, home décor, etc?  You bring the interest, and I’ll send you on a wonderful journey that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Age groups:  9-18 and 19+

Sew Sure - Sewing Lessons:  

Understanding your machine, how to read patterns,  beginning to advanced projects.  

Sewing Lessons